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Successful Defense Attorney in Atlanta

Rick Ryczek has an extended track record of successful defenses. A long history of awards an noteworthy judgments speak to Rick’s experience and ability to tackle the most complicated case. Rick’s approach can be best be described as follows: Informed Determined Knowledgeable Successful Learn more about Rick Ryczek a successful defense attorney in Atlanta! Here…
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State v. T.J. – Refusal

T.J. was arrested in Gwinnett County for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol after an officer observed T.J. follow the car in front of her too closely.  Although T.J. performed poorly on the field sobriety evaluations, Mr. Ryczek successfully argued that the field sobriety results should be suppressed from evidence.  Prior to trial the judge…
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State v. M.F. – DUI Refusal & Driving on a Suspended License

M.F. was pulled over for weaving.  Upon checking M.F.’s license, the officer found that M.F’s license was suspended for pleading guilty to a drug charge several months prior to the DUI arrest.  (Mr. Ryczek successfully appealed the drug conviction, and eventually achieved a dismissal on the drug offense).  The officer handcuffed M.F. and patted him…
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State v. S.C. – .202 Breath test

S.C. was stopped after a police officer claimed that he could see S.C. falling asleep behind the wheel of her car while they both waited on a traffic light to turn green.  After the light turned green, the officer followed S.C. and claimed that she weaved within her lane.  Another officer responded to investigate S.C….
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State v. T.R.- Refusal and Speeding

T.R. was pulled over for speeding and weaving.  At a motion to suppress hearing, Mr. Ryczek challenged the officer’s training, and the revealed that he did not know how to properly administer field sobriety evaluations.  Rather than taking the case to trial, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss T.R.’s DUI case and allowed him to plead…
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State v. K.N. – DUI and Possession of Controlled Substances

K.N. was arrested for DUI and Possessing Controlled Substances.  After an officer pulled her over on I-285 at I-75, K.N. showed manifestations of intoxication, and the officer arrested her.  She was under 21 and registered .055 on the breathalyzer test (the legal limit for under-21 drivers is .02).  After arresting her, the officer found prescription…
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State v. J.W. – Vehicular Homicide

J.W. was arrested after causing a fatal accident on Five Forks Trickum Road in Gwinnett County.  He had fallen asleep and drifted into the oncoming lane, and hit an oncoming car, killing its passenger.  J.W. was a City of Lawrenceville employee, and lost his job a result of the offense.  Mr. Ryczek negotiated the case…
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State v. J.C. – .157 breath test

J.C. was arrested after a Cobb County motorcycle officer clocked him driving 105 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.  J.C. was arrested after the officer noticed signs of impairment including slurred speech, an unsteady walk, a strong odor of alcohol, and bloodshot eyes.  J.C. failed field sobriety evaluations, and he was…
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State v. P.B. – DUI Refusal

P.B. was pulled over for making a wide right-hand turn.  P.B., a lawyer, and knowing his right to refuse testing declined to perform field sobriety tests, and declined breath testing.  Mr. Ryczek convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case for lack of evidence.

State v. L.M. – Battery

L.M. was arrested after returning a rental truck to the rental agency.  L.M. perceived that the agent overcharged her and a physical altercation occurred.  Mr. Ryczek convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charges.