DUI drug case victories

State v. K.N. – DUI and Possession of Controlled Substances

K.N. was arrested for DUI and Possessing Controlled Substances.  After an officer pulled her over on I-285 at I-75, K.N. showed manifestations of intoxication, and the officer arrested her.  She was under 21 and registered .055 on the breathalyzer test (the legal limit for under-21 drivers is .02).  After arresting her, the officer found prescription…
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State v. H.C. – DUI Marijuana

A State Patrol officer arrested H.C. on New Year’s Eve in Gwinnett County for Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana.  After pulling H.C. over for speeding the trooper smelled a strong odor of marijuana from H.C.’s car.  H.C. agreed to perform field sobriety evaluations.  Although the tests that the trooper performed on H.C. have not…
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State v. M.W. – DUI Drugs / Blood Test Xanax

After multiple misfires, blunders, and attempted prosecutions by the DeKalb County prosecutor, the Judge granted Mr. Ryczek’s motion to dismiss based on constitutional speedy trial grounds.

State v. R.M. – Positive Urine test for Marijuana and Geodon. DUI Drugs/Hit & Run/Following Too Closely

Driving with his sunglasses on at night, R.M. hit a young lady from behind as she was stopped at a stop sign. She was uninjured. When the police arrived, they directed both parties to pull into a church parking lot and meet him there. R.M. drove away instead of going to the church parking lot….
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State v. D.C. – Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana

D.C.’s wife was arrested after Gwinnett County Sheriff’s deputies searched his home and found an indoor marijuana “grow” operation.  While his wife was getting arrested, the deputies allowed D.C’s wife to call D.C.  D.C. then told the deputies that the marijuana was his, and the deputies obtained warrants for D.C’s arrest.  Eventually, D.C. was picked…
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