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DUI in Bethlehem

Rick Ryczek Delivers for Bethlehem DUI Clients

The shock of a DUI charge can stop you in your tracks. You can't let yourself be paralyzed by the confusion of those first moments when everything seems to be happening so quickly between you and a police officer, red and blue lights are flashing in your eyes, and it's hard to understand your complete situation. That is why you should call Bethlehem DUI attorney Rick Ryczek of Ryczek Firm, P.C. as soon as possible.

That looming DUI or DWI conviction, whether for alcohol or drugs, could have a serious and possibly lasting impact on your life going forward. If convicted, you could be sentenced to as much as six months or more in jail. Community service or alcohol education classes are a possibility, or you might lose your driver's license for some period of time. With a conviction your insurance costs will skyrocket and even your employment prospects could dim.

Rick Ryczek has won numerous dismissals and not-guilty verdicts for adults and juveniles in Bethlehem. He has actually won cases for clients who flunked their sobriety test. He knows how to reduce sentences from jail time and license suspension to mere speeding and fines, or to reckless driving and fines, particularly if there is no resulting accident or injury. If a sentence can be reduced to a misdemeanor from a felony, he will advocate for you so that you achieve the most favorable judgment possible.

Rick Ryczek's long experience in Bethlehem and Barrow County means he knows which records to subpoena and review. He will closely analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the state's case against you, including reviewing all processes of your arrest, and even if all equipment to test your alcohol or drug levels were calibrated and used correctly.

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