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Phys and divided attention

There are two additional field sobriety tests recommended by NHTSA. These are the 9-Step Walk and Turn and the One Leg Stand. These considered divided attention tests because they test your coordination while they test your ability to process and remember information.

9-Step Walk and Turn

The walk and turn test tests your coordination in addition to your ability to recall and process information. There are two phases to this test. The first phase is the instructional phase, and the second phase is the performance phase.

During the instructional phase, the officer tells you to place your right foot in front of your left foot, touching heel to toe. He should tell you to remain in that position until he tells you to begin. The officer will tell you how perform the test during the instructional phase, and he will watch to see if you are able to keep your balance while he gives these instructions. He will count off if you:

  1. Begin the test too soon (before she tells you to begin).
  2. Break the heel to toe stance while she instructs you.
    During the performance phase of the Walk & Turn test he will watch to see whether you followed instructions and whether you were able to keep your balance while walking the straight line. She will count off during the performance phase if you:
  3. Miss heel toe while walking a straight line.
  4. Step off the imaginary straight line.
  5. Use your arms for balance.
  6. Stop while walking.
  7. Take the incorrect number of steps.
  8. Turn in a manner that deviates from the instructions.

One Leg Stand

The one leg stand also tests your coordination and your ability to comprehend instructions. During this test the officer tells you to raise the leg of your choice approximately six inches off the ground with your toe pointed straight. She then tells you to remain balancing in that position with your arms down by your sides, looking at your foot, and count by one thousands until she tells you to stop. Once you begin the test, she will look at her watch and stop the test once thirty actual seconds have elapsed. She will count off if you:

  1. Hop
  2. Sway
  3. Use your arms for balance
  4. Put your foot down
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