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10 Day Rule

Administrative License Suspension

This suspension is known as the Administrative License Suspension (ALS). You must act quickly to save your driver's license. You only have ten business days to appeal to this suspension. We have successfully handled hundreds of administrative appeals. We tailor our appeal letter to your particular circumstance; our appeal letter is comprehensive, complete, and it asserts all the factual and legal defenses to your administrative suspension.

Our appeal letter stays the administrative suspension, and you may continue driving until you receive a hearing from the Office of State Administrative Hearings (OSAH). Approximately thirty days after DDS receives our appeal letter, OSAH will schedule an administrative hearing. After this hearing, the administrative judge will decide whether to suspend your license.

The administrative hearing is a good opportunity for us to cross-examine the officer regarding the factual and legal issues in your case. The officer is not represented by an attorney/prosecutor in these hearings (with the exception of State Patrol cases). As a result, we can reveal many technical flaws in the officer's procedures. These flaws may be used against him in the criminal case to support our argument to exclude evidence, obtain a dismissal of the criminal case, or to persuade the prosecutor to offer a reduction in the charge. We can also use the subpoena power of the Court to force the officer to bring evidence such as videos and training records to these hearings.

It is important that you understand the consequences of a DUI judgment. Call us anytime at 678 376 5541 for questions or a free consult.