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Investigating Your Case

There are hundreds of ways to achieve a good result to a DUI case. I begin every case by completing a thorough investigation. I utilize the open records laws and subpoena powers of the Court get full information regarding your case. Some of the information I might request in your case might include:

  • the arresting officers' training records and personnel/IA files;
  • the criminal history on any witness that might testify against you;
  • the police report, the DUI report, the narrative report, and any supplemental reports regarding your investigation and arrest;
  • the video of your stop, arrest, and implied consent warning;
  • the jail video from your booking process;
  • your booking photo to rebut the officers testimony regarding your appearance;
  • cellular phone records to set up a timeline of events;
  • police dispatch records to rebut the officer's testimony regarding timing issues;
  • police vehicle inventory log to prove whether the officer could have videotaped your arrest;
  • the medical intake form at the jail;
  • vehicle location history to show where the officer was before and after your arrest; and
  • pictures of the scene to impeach the officers testimony that the road surface was suitable for field sobriety evaluations.

Breathalyzer machine related information I will gather may include:

  • the breathalyzer logs to show irregular patterns in intox results indicating that it was malfunctioning;
  • quarterly inspections records regarding the breathalyzer machine that you blew into;
  • quarterly breathalyzer inspection certificates; and
  • the jail video of you blowing into the breathalyzer machine.
  • the breathalyzer repair records.