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Hall County

As a result of the population growth in Hall County, the sheriff's department has received government grants and started a DUI Task Force.  The sheriff's department has invested in additional equipment and training.  Most DUI cases will be captured on video tape.  This can be a blessing or a curse.  The video will reveal technical flaws in the officer's arrest procedure and allow jurors to see first-hand that you looked sober.  Videos can be an effective tool in helping  Ryczek Firm lawyers to convince prosecutors that your case is deserving of a reduction or dismissal.  Videos also expose the officers' mistakes to the judge when they occur.  This evidence can go a long way in supporting our arguments to exclude evidence or dismiss your case.  Videos can also be a curse in that they can also support the officer's testimony that you failed field sobriety evaluations or that she followed her training and made a lawful arrest.  The use of videos is helpful to produce reliable results in court. Beginning the summer of 2013, the the Georgia State Patrol has a new DUI task force operating in Hall County.  They will aggressively implement roadblock programs and they are increasing the number of DUI units on the road.  The combination of the Sheriff's Department and the State Patrol should increase the number of Hall County DUI arrests dramatically.

The Ryczek Firm lawyers will help you with your DUI defense in all the major cities in Hall County, including: