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Case Results

State v. D.T – DUI Refusal, Disorderly Conduct & Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer.

D.T. spent the day drinking at a bar, and his friend drove him home.  He entered his apartment and saw that his girlfriend had another man at the apartment.  A fight ensued, and D.T. got beaten up pretty badly.  He got in his car and drove away as the “other man” called the police.  Shortly after the police arrived, D.T. returned to the apartment and approached the police.  The police officers noticed D.T.'s obvious intoxication, and immediately arrested him.  D.T. began resisting arrest and shouting obscenities.  At trial, Mr. Ryczek argued that D.T. was justified in fleeing the scene in his car for safety, and that he had a right to resist the illegal arrest under these circumstances.  The jury agreed and found D.T. not guilty of DUI and of Obstruction of a Police Officer.