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State v. M.O. – 3rd DUI in Five Years

A Gwinnett County officer noticed M.O. driving erratically on hwy 13 in Buford.  He saw her weave over the center line and almost struck the median and road sign before swerving back into her lane.  M.O. was speeding 72 mph in a 45 mph zone.  The officer asked M.O. to roll down her window, and M.O. just stared at the officer.  Finally, the officer opened the door for her, and rolled down her window, and found that she was driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI.   The officer placed M.O. under arrest for driving on a suspended license, and smelled the strong odor of alcohol on her breath.  She staggered as she walked, and admitted that she had been drinking the previous day.  M.O. exhibited extremely erratic behavior, and began cursing at the officer, telling him that she knew a judge and that his career would be over.  On cross-examination, the officer admitted that the manifestations he saw that evening (except for the odor of alcohol) were also consistent with someone in a distressed emotional state, and the Judge found M.O. not guilty of DUI.  The officer's career remains promising despite M.O.'s claims to the contrary.