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State v. R.M. – Positive Urine test for Marijuana and Geodon. DUI Drugs/Hit & Run/Following Too Closely

Driving with his sunglasses on at night, R.M. hit a young lady from behind as she was stopped at a stop sign. She was uninjured. When the police arrived, they directed both parties to pull into a church parking lot and meet him there. R.M. drove away instead of going to the church parking lot. He was stopped by another officer a few minutes later because he was weaving all over the road. At trial, the officer's testified that R.M. showed signs of extreme impairment, that he was unable to stay focused, his head and arms kept shaking, and that he would lay down on the ground and go to sleep while they were talking with R.M. Mr. Ryczek showed the jury that R.M. had taken his prescription for Geodone, for the first time that day. An unanticipated side-effect of Geodon was somnolence (inability to stay awake) and dyskinesia (uncontrolled muscle movements). This explained R.M.'s behavior that night. On the second day of trial, the prosecutor dismissed R.M.'s DUI.