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DUI in Bartow

Keep Auburn Drivers on the Road

You're a good driver with a clean record, and you got hit with a DUI charge.  What comes next depends on many factors, and in Auburn, Rick Ryczek is on top of all the variables that might impact your case. Did you know that if you have been charged with DUI, your license is already in the process of being revoked? You have only a certain number of days to challenge the charge or the state of Georgia will automatically revoke your license. If that happens, Auburn DUI lawyer Rick Ryczek can represent you at your driver's license reinstatement hearing with the Secretary of State.

Perhaps you refused to take the breathalyzer test. In fact that could make our work that much easier. We have not lost many DUI cases when our client refused to take the breathalyzer test (and was not in an accident). It is actually very hard for the state of Georgia and Barrow County to prove you were intoxicated if you did not take the breathalyzer test. Or perhaps the arresting officer did not read you your Miranda rights.

Regardless of the facts of your case, Rick Ryczek will not let you be pressured into pleading guilty. Clients with DUI convictions have to deal with consequences to their driving privileges, insurance rates, even their freedom. If you are a good Auburn driver, you should not have to suffer the most extreme consequences for your mistake.

There are a range of consequences for a range of charges, and Rick Ryczek will work to keep them minimized. DUI misdemeanors and felony charges have numerous categories. Within each category are nuances that an experienced attorney will navigate for you. He will translate the meaning of aggravated versus extreme DUI, the advantages to a client of being charged with the first or underage DUI offense, and the possible sentences you might have to consider.

For any Auburn driver charged with DUI or DWI, Rick Ryczek is the DUI attorney who can keep you on the road after a DUI charge. Contact him for a free evaluation today, at 678.376.5541.