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DUI in Atlanta

DUI Lawyer in Atlanta

If you are charged with DUI in Atlanta, call Rick Ryczek right away. He is not only an experienced and well educated DUI Lawyer in Atlanta but an award winning criminal defense attorney that specializes in DUI defense. You will get a free expert analysis of your DUI case along with a plan for a winning approach to gaining the most favorable judgment possible for you.

Rick Ryczek's track record as a DUI lawyer of not-guilty verdicts and dismissals could be the edge you need to drive away from disaster. The penalties for DUI and DWI can impact your life in the short-term and long-term, so you want them minimized as much as possible. For the first DUI or juvenile DUI charge, keeping the penalty light may be a relatively small hurdle to overcome.

However, even if you have past DUI arrests, a criminal history, were severely intoxicated when you were charged, or caused property damage at the time of the charge, Atlanta's Ryczek Firm. P.C. will aim to downgrade a felony charge to a misdemeanor. This could mean the difference between jail time and probation, or even the difference between license suspension and fines. Long term it could mean you will avoid any number of intrusions on your life, from installation of an ignition interlock system on your car to an alert on a future employment background check. Rick Ryczek's years of criminal defense experience and hundreds of DUI dismissals ensure you are represented by an informed advocate.

For example he knows all too well that you don't automatically have to plead guilty to a DUI charge, particularly if you did not take a breathalyzer test. In Atlanta, Rick Ryczek can make a strong case for dismissal if Fulton County law enforcement cannot prove that you were intoxicated in the first place.

It takes an Atlanta DUI lawyer like Rick Ryczek to comb through police reports, review stop and field sobriety test procedures and results, even have a breathalyzer machine expert to challenge your results to have them tossed as evidence.

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