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DUI in Miltons

DUI Lawyer in Miltons

Miltons DUI lawyer Rick Ryczek at the criminal defense law firm of Ryczek Firm P.C. knows how to fight DUI charges. He has obtained dismissals and not-guilty verdicts in hundreds of DUI or DWI cases, and he offers a free evaluation of your case to see if he can do the same for you.

Rick Ryczek is highly familiar with DUI law and can effectively analyze Fulton County and Milton police records related to your case to craft a winning defense. Not only does he know how breathalyzer equipment can work – and fail – he works with one of the nation's leading breathalyzer machine experts to challenge results if the police report indicates you did not pass the test.

Moreover, it is actually easier to win a case if you refused to take the breathalyzer test altogether. Without those results, it is difficult to prove a driver was intoxicated. As you probably know, a DUI conviction cannot be taken lightly. A conviction can affect your financial life with increased insurance rates, your working life with more scrutiny on an employment background check, and your driving life with license suspension or complete revocation. Fighting the DUI charge – and winning — is Rick Ryczek's area of expertise.

Whether you are an adult or juvenile charged with drunk driving, or this is (or is not) your first offense, you need an advocate on your side who can perfect your plea and work to lighten any sentence should there be a conviction. If your license was quickly revoked, he will represent you at your driver's license reinstatement hearing with the Secretary of State.

Contact Milton's DUI attorney Rick Ryczek right away. The sooner you call him at 678.376.5541, the sooner you are on the road to winning back your license and your life.