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DUI in Duluth

DUI lawyer in Duluth

If you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you run the risk of being charged with a DUI in Duluth Ga. If you do get charged with DUI, one of the first things you should do is call Duluth DUI attorney Rick Ryczek of Ryczek Firm, P.C. —  from the scene if possible. A DUI in Duluth Ga will affect many aspects of your life for months or years to come.

In Duluth Ga it can result in jail time that could impact your employment, fees, increased insurance costs, forfeiture of your driver's license or community service time. Without the right attorney you could even be required to attach an ignition interlock device to your car. DUI misdemeanors and felony charges have numerous categories.

Rick Ryczek will deliver a vigorous defense against administrative license suspension, DUI, extreme DUI, aggravated DUI, and underage DUI in the Duluth Courts. Because first offense and underage DUI offenses carry lighter penalties, Rick Ryczek will work to highlight your good record in Georgia.

However, there are severe felony charges involving the intoxicated driver in Duluth Ga. If you have prior DUI convictions in the past seven years, are driving on a suspended, revoked, or restricted license, or driving with a minor passenger in the car, Rick Ryczek is your advocate. In fact, your expert attorney is already putting together your case. He is scrutinizing evidence you may have never thought about.

  1. Did the police officer read you your Miranda rights?
  2. Was the testing equipment used properly?
  3. Was the equipment working as it should?
  4. These and many more questions like these are already being posed by your lawyer.
The law can be complex when it comes to DUI matters, and Duluth lawyer Rick Ryczek will know exactly what to do from the beginning of your case. Contact him for a free evaluation today, at 678.376.5541.