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DUI Lawyer Near Me

Posted by Rick Ryczek | Dec 22, 2017 | 0 Comments

Have you recently been arrest for DUI or DWI?  Or worse, vehicular manslaughter?  Do you need a criminal lawyer in Atlanta, LawrencevilleGwinnett, Hiram or other surrounding metro areas?  We can help.

What Is DUI Manslaughter

You could be charged with DUI manslaughter if you are arrested for drunk driving that has caused an accident that resulted in the death of another person.

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Each state has its own laws about DUI manslaughter.  That's why it's important to speak with an attorney right away.  If you are being charged with DUI manslaughter in Atlanta, call us right now.

There are two versions of vehicular manslaughter that typically apply in these DUI manslaughter cases:

  • Vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence: charged when a driver was driving under the influence with extremely reckless driving behavior; and
  • Vehicular manslaughter with ordinary negligence: charged when a driver was DUI and violated a traffic law, but was not extremely negligent. It can also mean that a driver failed to use reasonable care to prevent injury and/or death.

If convicted of DUI manslaughter with gross negligence, you can be facing 10+ years of jail time for each person killed.

A DUI-manslaughter-with-ordinary-negligence conviction can bring a sentence of up to 4 years imprisonment for each person killed.

In addition to jail time, you face severe fines and penalties.

Can I Fight A DUI Manslaughter Charge?

Absolutely.  Being arrested and charged is not the same as being guilty.  Errors are made in arrests all the time.  Innocent people are arrested every day.  There could very well be circumstances in your case that can help vindicate you from the mental burden and the jail time associated with this charge.  It's urgent you get a great attorney who knows how to fight a DUI manslaughter case.  Call us now so we can help.

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