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Georgia Speeding Tickets

Posted by Rick Ryczek | Jan 21, 2019

Speeding Ticket in Georgia Myths-

Myth # 1: “I can just plead nolo, and save my record.” 

Truth # 1: Nolo does NOT save your record. Nolo only saves points from being placed on your record.  The nolo contendere plea will always be on your driver's record at Georgia DDS.

Myth # 2: “I can just plead nolo and my insurance rates will not go up.”
Truth # 2: Nolo is reported on your record and can be a basis for insurance to raise your rates. See also myth #1—they will know about the nolo. 
Myth # 3: “After three years, speeding tickets drop off my record.”
Truth:  # 3Traffic tickets are misdemeanors which remain on your record for your entire lifetime. When prosecutors evaluate your case, they will see every traffic ticket that you ever received, and assess fines and community service according to that record. However, some insurance companies only look back a limited number of years when assessing your insurance rates.
Myth # 4: “I have a court date on my ticket so I have to take a day off of work and go to court.”
Truth# 4: Speeding ticket lawyer, Rick Ryczek, can usually appear for your court date and allow you to avoid going to court.
Myth # 5: “I can just pay my ticket online and it won't go on my record.”
Truth # 5: There is no benefit to paying your ticket online. It still goes on your record.

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