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Georgia Super Speeder Tickets-Georgia Traffic Lawyer

Posted by Rick Ryczek | Jan 22, 2019

How to Avoid a Georgia Super Speeder Suspension

Avoid a possible “Super Speeder Suspension.” Super speeders have been targeted by the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety due to the dangerous nature of these higher speeds. Learn your lesson, slow down, and let me help you avoid the impact of these tough new laws.

A super speeder ticket is one that alleges that your speed was 75 mph or more on any two-lane road, and 85 mph or more on any road regardless of the number of lanes.  

If convicted of a super speeder ticket, the Department of Driver Services will mail you a letter demanding an additional $200.00 assessment. This occurs after you attend court, and must be paid in addition to the fines and fees that you already paid. If you fail to the additional $200.00 super speeder assessment, your license will be suspended, and will remain suspended until you pay the assessment and an additional reinstatement fee. The Ryczek Firm, has had tremendous success helping people avoid a super speeder license suspension.  Our lawyers are experienced in helping people avoid points, and know how to keep speeding tickets and super speeder tickets off your record.  

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