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  • State v. J.K. – Refusal. 3rd DUI in five years, Driving on a Suspended License, and Hit & Run, and Open Container of alcohol

    J.K. was arrested after his truck was involved in an accident. A police officer found J.K. and another young man a couple of blocks away from the wrecked truck. Neither of the two admitted to driving the truck. Mr. Ryczek argued to the jury that J.K.'s injuries were more consistent with him being... Read On

  • State v. J.K. – .192 breath test, Not Guilty Jury Verdict

    J.K. was arrested for DUI after being involved in an accident on Piedmont Road, in Fulton County.  The City of Atlanta Police Officer reported that J.K. had slurred speech, glassy eyes, that he staggered as he walked, and that he performed poorly on field sobriety evaluations.  After arresting J.... Read On

  • State v. B.H. – Boating Under the Influence Not Guilty Verdict

    While driving a jet ski, B.H. was driving on plane in crowded cove.  He was doing donuts and splashing other boats.  A DNR ranger pulled him over.  B.H. admitted that he had a “good buzz” and that he had a “good bit” to drink.  B.H. allegedly performed poorly on field sobriety evaluations, and he... Read On

  • State v. J.L. – False Imprisonment

    J.L., a medical doctor, was indicted and arrested in Gwinnett County after a patient claimed that the Doctor locked her in a waiting room after she was unable to pay her bill.  This was a highly publicized case grabbing national attention.  After several depositions and through negotiations with ... Read On

  • State v. S.F. – .256 breath test and .199 blood test

    S.F. was arrested in Gwinnett County for DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane.  In a pre-trial motion, Mr. Ryczek successfully argued that the arresting officer failed to accommodate S.F.'s request for an independent breath and blood test, and the judge suppressed the blood and breath tests from evid... Read On

  • State v. J.W. – Refusal

    A Dekalb County DUI Task Force Officer pulled J.W. over for speeding 90 mph in a 55 mph zone.  The officer could J.W. moving around within the passenger compartment of her Ford Bronco.  He walked up to the Bronco and saw J.W. in the back seat and her twin sister in the passenger seat.  He theoriz... Read On

  • State v. M.G. – .11 breath test and Speeding

    L.S. was pulled over for speeding. As he pulled his car to the roadside, he reached in the glove compartment for his insurance and registration documents. The officer assumed he was reaching for a weapon and approached his car with his gun drawn. L.S. put his hands out of the car and eventually p... Read On

  • State v. L.H. – Refusal

    A Cherokee County DUI Task Force officer stopped L.H. for suspicious activity near Johnny's Pizza.  Upon pulling L.H. over, the officer noticed L.H.'s speech was slurred and thick-tounged.  He agreed to perform field sobriety evaluations and scored six out of a possible six clues on the HGN test,... Read On

  • State v. J.W. – Refusal / Possession of Cocaine

     J.W. was pulled over for speeding 81 miles per hour in a 55 zone, and upon pulling over the officer watched J.W. jump in the back seat.  The DeKalb County DUI Task force officer approached J.W.'s SUV and told her that she needed to tell him why she switched seats or she would go to jail.  J.W. w... Read On

  • State v. S.F. – .214 breath test-Not Guilty

    S.F. was involved in a fender bender in the parking lot of a local restaurant.  Upon arriving, at the scene the investigating officer noticed that S.F. was extremely unsteady on his feet, and he “just plopped down” saying, “I'm sitting down now.”  S.F. refused field sobriety evaluations, and the ... Read On

  • State v. S.C. – .202 Breath test

    S.C. was stopped after a police officer claimed that he could see S.C. falling asleep behind the wheel of her car while they both waited on a traffic light to turn green.  After the light turned green, the officer followed S.C. and claimed that she weaved within her lane.  Another officer respond... Read On

  • State v. M.B. – DUI Refusal & Striking a pedestrian

    After M.B.'s car struck a woman in the parking lot of a bar, she fell out of the driver's seat of vehicle to find that her car had pinned the woman against another car.  M.B. told witnesses that she wasn't driving, that a man had been driving her car, but made her switch seats with her after he c... Read On

  • State v. A.F. – .229 Breath Test Not Guilty Jury Verdict

    A.F. hit another car from behind.  When officers arrived, they found A.F. to be in a stupor.  She failed all the field sobriety evaluations, and had a difficult time walking.  She agreed to a breath test and registered .229 on the Intoxilyzer 5000.  In trial, Mr. Ryczek showed that that A.F. suff... Read On

  • State v. A.M. – One Car Accident- Refusal

    A Gwinnett County DUI Task Force officer approached A.M. after he was involved in a one-car accident.  A.M. was on the side of the road trying to change his tire.  He admitted to consuming three beers, and driving too fast for the turn.  A.M. refused field sobriety tests telling the officer that ... Read On

  • State v. J.P. – Refusal

    J.P. was arrested for DUI in Dekalb County for allegedly weaving and speeding.  He performed poorly on the field sobriety tests, and refused the officer's request for a breath test.  Instead, J.P. asked for a blood test.  At trial, Mr. Ryczek argued that J.P. asked for the most reliable method of... Read On

  • State v. S.K.- Aggressive Driving

    An eighty two year-old man and his wife claimed that S.K. had harassed them with his car by driving in front of them and slamming on his brakes multiple times.  The man also said that he tried to drive them into the ditch several times.  On cross-examination, Mr. Ryczek uncovered multiple inconsi... Read On

  • State v. M.O. – 3rd DUI in Five Years

    A Gwinnett County officer noticed M.O. driving erratically on hwy 13 in Buford.  He saw her weave over the center line and almost struck the median and road sign before swerving back into her lane.  M.O. was speeding 72 mph in a 45 mph zone.  The officer asked M.O. to roll down her window, and M.... Read On

  • State v. M.B. – Refusal

    A City of Oakwood police officer pulled M.B. over for speeding on Mundy Mill Road, and noticed that she smelled of alcohol.  M.B. was mumbling her words.  She lost her balance while talking with the officer, but agreed to perform field sobriety evaluations.  During the walk and Turn test M.B. alm... Read On

  • State v. N.U. – Arson & Reckless Conduct

    N.U., a medical doctor, returned home one day, and her husband told her that he wanted ling her that he was divorcing her.  She tried to reason with him, but he would discuss the matter.  Eventually she became frustrated, and lit the table cloth and curtains on fire.  Instead of dousing the flame... Read On

  • State v. J.J. – .241 Blood test

    J.J. was involved in a one-car accident, and the officer found him next to his damaged car with multiple injuries.  When the officer asked J.J. what happened, J.J. responded by telling the officer that he had too much to drink to be driving.  The judge suppressed J.J.'s blood test in a pretrial m... Read On

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