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Case Results

  • State v. P.C. – Theft by Deception $75,000

    P.C. was alleged to have participated in a Ponzi scheme.  Approximately $75,000 was diverted to P.C.'s bank account from a Bernie Maddoff-style investment scam.  P.C. used the money for personal use, but did not know the money was illegally obtained.  The case was dismissed. Read On

  • State v. M.W. – DUI Drugs / Blood Test Xanax

    After multiple misfires, blunders, and attempted prosecutions by the DeKalb County prosecutor, the Judge granted Mr. Ryczek's motion to dismiss based on constitutional speedy trial grounds. Read On

  • State v. T.J. – Refusal

    T.J. was arrested in Gwinnett County for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol after an officer observed T.J. follow the car in front of her too closely.  Although T.J. performed poorly on the field sobriety evaluations, Mr. Ryczek successfully argued that the field sobriety results should be su... Read On

  • State v. M.D. – Murder

    In a highly publicized case drawing national attention, M.D. was a camp counselor in a Department of Human Resources (DHR) Outdoor Therapeutic Program (OTP) for juvenile offenders with difficulty controlling their behavior.  OTP trained M.D. to restrain juvenile offenders when they became violent... Read On

  • State v. S.M. – .09 breath test and Minor Accident

    S.M. was returning home from dinner when he was involved in a minor accident. The officer on the scene claimed S.M. was unsteady on his feet, that he had a moderate odor of alcohol and that he did poorly on the field sobriety evaluations. Mr. Ryczek showed the judge the video and invited the judg... Read On

  • State v. B.S. – Alleged Refusal and Speeding

    B.S. was pulled over for speeding as he left a nightclub. The officer smelled an odor of marijuana and B.S. admitted to have consumed some alcohol. The officer asked B.S. to take a blood test and he agreed. B.S. refused to sign a document releasing the hospital's liability for negligence, and the... Read On

  • State v. R.M. – Positive Urine test for Marijuana and Geodon. DUI Drugs/Hit & Run/Following Too Closely

    Driving with his sunglasses on at night, R.M. hit a young lady from behind as she was stopped at a stop sign. She was uninjured. When the police arrived, they directed both parties to pull into a church parking lot and meet him there. R.M. drove away instead of going to the church parking lot. He... Read On

  • State v. T.M. – .13 breath test

    T.M. was leaving a NASCAR race and a state trooper initiated conversation with T.M. as he directed traffic. The trooper smelled alcohol and asked T.M. to get out of his car to perform field sobriety evaluations. T.M. complied and the officer administered the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test on T.M.... Read On

  • State v. S.A. – Refusal

    S.A. was pulled over on Cumberland Boulevard for driving with no headlights after midnight.  After the officer blue-lighted S.A. she continued to drive for several hundred yards.  When she finally pulled over, the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol on her breath, and she gave inconsistent s... Read On

  • State v. G.B. – Refusal

    A City of Smyrna police officer noticed G.B. staggering out of a bar, and followed in his car.  The officer lost sight of G.G. in a crowd.  The officer G.B. entered a Honda, and began leaving the parking lot.  The officer pulled in behind G.B. to initiate a DUI investigation.  G.B. was obviously ... Read On

  • State v. A.C. – .12 Breath test

    A.C. was pulled over for weaving, and Mr. Ryczek discovered that the officer misread the Georgia Implied Consent Notice (your legal rights regarding the breath test). Mr. Ryczek convinced the judge and prosecutor to dismiss A.C.'s DUI case and allow him to plead guilty to reckless driving. Read On

  • State v. A.B. – Alleged Refusal

    A.B. was involved in a one car accident. He was taken to the station for a breath test, but he kept passing out as he tried to blow into the breathalyzer machine. The officer considered this a refusal of the breath test. Mr. Ryczek proved that A.B. did not refuse the test as he was encumbered by ... Read On

  • State v. J.S. – .11 Breath test and weaving

    J.S. was pulled over for weaving and performed poorly on the field sobriety evaluations. At trial Mr. Ryczek uncovered several inconsistencies in the officer's testimony. The judge found that the officer's reason for the stop lacked credibility, and dismissed J.S.'s case. Read On

  • State v. G.S. – .272 breath test and Running a Red light. 3rd DUI in five years

    G.S. was pulled over for running a red light. G.S.'s speech was slurred and he was unsteady on his feet. He performed poorly on the field sobriety tests and registered .272 on the breath test. At trial, the State failed to properly lay the foundation for the breathalyzer test, and the judge exclu... Read On

  • State v. R.B. – .05 Under 21 DUI

    The officer failed to allege on the citation that R.B. was over the legal limit of .02 (for those under the age of 21) on R.B.'s citation. Therefore, Mr. Ryczek argued the prosecutor had to prove that R.B. was a less safe driver as a result of consuming alcohol. At trial, the judge disagreed with... Read On

  • State v. E.R. – .171 breath test

    E.R. was coming home from Athens early one morning. He was pulled over for speeding, and the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He performed fairly well on the field sobriety tests for his alcohol level. In his investigation, Mr. Ryczek discovered that the State Patrol failed... Read On

  • State v. D.A. – .148 breath test

    A concerned citizen saw D.A. getting sick on the side of the road and called the police. A Gwinnett County DUI Task Force officer arrived and found D.A. sitting on the pavement, throwing up next to his truck. The officer said he could smell a strong odor of alcohol from over ten feet away, and th... Read On

  • State v. A.H. – Refusal

    A.H. was pulled over for weaving. The officer noticed that A.H. had a strong odor of alcohol and he was unsteady on his feet. The officer testified that A.H. failed field sobriety evaluations, and arrested him for DUI. A.H. also admitted to taking Xanax. A.H. declined the officer's request to blo... Read On

  • State v. T.M. – .202 breath test. DUI and Endangering a Child by DUI (2 counts)

    A veteran officer pulled T.M. over for weaving and saw that she had two children in the back of her car. T.M. performed poorly on field sobriety evaluations, and registered high on the breath test. The officer had a long history of harassing young women. Mr. Ryczek filed a Notice of Intent to Pre... Read On

  • State v. R.D. – .14 breath test

    R.D. was pulled over while speeding north on Interstate 85. Her speech was slurred, and her she was unsteady on her feet. She performed poorly on the field sobriety evaluations, and registered .14 on the breath test. At a motion to suppress hearing, the judge suppressed R.D.'s Horizontal Gaze Nys... Read On

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